Workplace Vaccination On Offer For Frontline Healthcare Workers


New Zealand Health Group has been given the Ministry of
Health’s approval to vaccinate its own staff to ensure its
service to some of the country’s most vulnerable people is
not disrupted.

They are the country’s largest
provider of Home and Community services, rehabilitation and
behavioural support, health staffing and training.

Zealand Health Group has opened vaccination centres at seven
of its offices across Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and
Christchurch to ensure its staff are vaccinated quickly.
Vaccinations are also available to the people they support,
staff, business partners and their wider bubble.

addition to the established sites, they are working to set
up satellite locations and deploying mobile units to support
people who may otherwise find it a challenge to visit a
vaccination site. Currently, satellite opportunities are in
the Auckland area, such as Botany and Hobsonville, and more
options are being explored.

Group Chief Executive
Josephine Gagan says, “Our staff are visiting thousands of
people in their homes who are frail, elderly, living with a
chronic disease, disabled, and recuperating clients on a
daily basis.

“This is our way of supporting the
Ministry’s immunisation roll out, recognising that getting
the COVID-19 vaccine is the best possible protection for
people in our communities, especially for our staff and
those we support.

“As well as following strict
health and safety protocols, we want our staff to be fully
vaccinated within the boundaries of their individual values
and beliefs to ensure the safety of our clients, their own
and their families,” she adds.

Staff, their families
and businesses partners eligible for the vaccination are
being encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity.
Bookings can be easily made online and to date have been

New Zealand Health Group approached the
Ministry of Health about the initiative. The ministry
welcomed the approach to help support the national
vaccination roll

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