[ad_1] In the light of Black History Month, it seems appropriate that the newly founded group Diversity in Retail has published a ‘best inclusive practices’ paper. The document features initiatives from some of the UK’s largest retailers in efforts to create more inclusive workplace environments. Deep structural change has been long overdue in the industry, which
[ad_1] All parents work. The difference lies in the breakdown between their paid and unpaid workloads. That equation is influenced by many things, including education, qualifications, age, ethnicity, financial status, number and age of dependants, gendered and societal expectations, and personal choice. But during COVID-19 lockdowns, many working parents have had to conduct their paid
[ad_1] Early Childhood Australia (ECA) has released a position statement on COVID-19 vaccinations and the early childhood education and care (ECEC) workforce, in which the peak body lends its support to measures taken by some state governments to prioritise vaccination for the ECEC workforce, and announces its support for an extension of mandated vaccination to
[ad_1] Marking their first time sharing the stage since September’s mayoral primary, nonprofit leader Justin Bibb and current Cleveland City Council president Kevin Kelley competed toe-to-toe at Friday’s Mayoral Town Hall. The event was hosted at Cleveland Metropolitan Conference Center and presented by Engage! Cleveland as part of its eighth annual Young Professionals Week. Cleveland