[ad_1] The Scottish Government is considering new laws governing prostitution. Nadine Stott chair of the sex-worker led campaign group Scot-Pep tells Writer at Large Neil Mackay proposed changes would drive vulnerable women underground and into increased danger NADINE Stott paints a vivid and harrowing picture of life for sex workers in Scotland. It is a
[ad_1] The woman was clearly in crisis, threatening to hurt herself and staff at Einstein Medical Center’s emergency department. Nurse Julia Kristan had a knack for calming down tense situations, though, and thought she had reached an understanding with the patient that would allow her to give her an anti-anxiety medication. Kristan tried to administer
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[ad_1] Employee resource groups at two large Cincinnati area companies are finding ways to promote inclusion and keep employees connected, even as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to keep most workers stuck at home.  The resource groups or ERGs are company-sponsored, volunteer-led organizations that form around a common interest, identity or profession and provide members with