[ad_1] The birthplace of many national labor movements, California hit its unionization peak in the 1950s, with more than 40% of the workforce unionized. The state has been a trailblazer, carving new paths for collective bargaining. Notably, labor organizing led by legendary activist Cesar Chavez brought wins such as the 1975 California Agricultural Labor Relations Act,
[ad_1] By ZOË HAGGARD – zhaggard@t-g.com Kelly North’s career path is a “classic example of workforce development at its core.”   So, it makes sense that’s her primary focus as director of existing business development for Shelbyville-Bedford Partnership.   Background   North spent the first half of her career running operations and logistics for a corporate events management company
[ad_1] When he had a concern about accidents causing hazardous materials exposure at his workplace, a FedEx Freight employee in metro Des Moines brought his concerns to the Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  The agency is in charge of enforcing workplace safety laws and investigating workplace accidents in Iowa. Under an agreement with the U.S. government, it
[ad_1] <img class="mx-auto w-full sm:w-full md:w-1/2" src="https://media.eaglewebservices.com/public/2020/2/1582221969260.jpeg" alt="Mark Tallman. Photo courtesy Kansas Association of School Boards”/>Mark Tallman. Photo courtesy Kansas Association of School Boards By MARK TALLMAN Having attended 27 of the first 28 Kansans Can Success Tour events over the past month – with 22 still to come – I’m sensing a lot of
[ad_1] New Zealand has entered its first nationwide lockdown in over a year, due to multiple cases of the delta variant of Covid-19 being discovered in the Auckland region. The change in alert levels has meant many workers across the country have converted their kitchen tables into a home office. But many essential service workers