[ad_1] “Upon my arrival I immediately heard stories about NSHE’s persistent disregard for female employees,” Rose wrote. “System Administration colleagues, presidents, reporters and community members warned me about a pervasive sexist culture and wanted both to alert me to this ‘Old Boys Club’ environment and to ask for my assistance is [sic] changing it.” But
[ad_1] The University of Utah’s “One U” mantra has become shorthand on campus for collaboration and inclusivity. But over the past 18 months, 1U4U faculty have been living and breathing the slogan. Selected in January 2020, 33 cross-campus teams of scholars, researchers, artists and teachers developed and implemented interdisciplinary projects incorporating both health sciences and
[ad_1] (Editor’s note: This story first appeared in the summer 2021 issue of iConnect, the College of Information Sciences and Technology’s biannual magazine) UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — According to the International City Managers’ Association, nearly a quarter of emergency dispatch personnel experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and the national turnover rate of 911 dispatchers
[ad_1] Decision-making that overrides one’s personal views and self-interests, also known as bias suppression, is often touted as an essential institutional objective. Accountability is a common strategy for discouraging stubborn biases. However, even within the most well-intentioned organizations, efforts to counteract biases tend to wane over time. New research from the University of Notre Dame