[ad_1] The birthplace of many national labor movements, California hit its unionization peak in the 1950s, with more than 40% of the workforce unionized. The state has been a trailblazer, carving new paths for collective bargaining. Notably, labor organizing led by legendary activist Cesar Chavez brought wins such as the 1975 California Agricultural Labor Relations Act,
[ad_1] Australia’s trade unions had a unified position on mandatory vaccines when the coronavirus pandemic started: they opposed employers creating their own “no jab, no job” rules but supported orders backed by health officials. That line is now less clear. Unionists are talking at cross purposes after rolling protests by construction workers over the past
[ad_1] Iowa’s Right To Work Laws inhibit workers from organizing and contribute to the rapidly decreasing union membership across the state, union leaders say. “The legislation truly means, in my opinion, the right to work for less,” Nagel said. The Right to Work Act primarily prohibits unions from making security agreements in the workforce, so