[ad_1] Malta’s employment sector is set for a radical rethink with the government looking to drastically reduce the skills gap in the country’s gap and hopefully improve wages in the process The employment policy, which outlines a strategy until 2030, was unveiled by Finance Minister Clyde Caruana earlier this morning and includes a 352-page document
[ad_1] China’s Cabinet on Thursday vowed to end gender inequality in the workplace and discriminatory hiring practices, but fell short of extending such actions to include sexual minorities. The State Council said it prohibited employers from recruiting “male candidates only,” and those suspected of discriminatory hiring practices will be warned and reprimanded. The labor security
[ad_1] Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, Assistant professor, Scientific programme co-ordinator at the University of Turku, discusses the development of social inequalities across labour market careers The policy agenda around social inequality is multifaceted and its relevance only heightened following global crises such as the Great Recession and more recently the Covid-19 pandemic. The Dynamics of Inequality Across