[ad_1] Category: Epidemiology, Public Health & Implementation 210 views | 10 downloads | Published: October 8, 2021 Home Science Briefs Key Message Overall confidence in COVID-19 vaccines amongst Ontarians has remained within the range of 72% to 76%. It is important to understand which individuals and groups have lower vaccine confidence, and why, as this knowledge can support
[ad_1] Posted on Sep 16, 2021 Today, financial wellbeing platform nudge Global releases its 2021 global financial wellbeing report, Disrupting Money Habits: Why it’s time for organizations to break cycles of exclusion, a global research report exposing the opportunity — and need — for employers to better support employees to build financial acumen.  Just 9%
[ad_1] One Democratic lawmaker from Helena objected to that program during public comment, however, arguing that the $6 million recommendation defied the intent of legislators who had established guidelines for spending nearly $1 billion in federal relief funds. “I think that funding misses the mark,” Rep. Mary Caferro said. “I was hoping that the funding would