[ad_1] Jeff Bezos’ space exploration firm Blue Origin is suffering from dysfunctional leadership and a sexism-fueled ‘bro culture’ that makes it intimidating for women to work there, according to current and former employees. Other executives said that the dysfunctional corporate culture at Blue Origin was to blame for its lagging behind rival SpaceX, owned by
[ad_1] A statewide area of focus is recruiting and retaining teachers, and increasing diversity of the teacher workforce, said Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education President Aaron Thompson at a recent meeting with the Commonwealth Education Continuum. The group met to develop recommendations to strengthen Kentucky’s education-to-workforce pipeline. The Commonwealth Education Continuum is made up of
[ad_1] October 03, 2021 Meeting rooms for local governmental bodies historically are bare-bones spaces containing perhaps a few tables and chairs, a seating area for the audience and a gavel for the leader to bang if things get unruly. That has included council chambers in the Mount Airy Municipal Building, where the city commissioners meet,