[ad_1] Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Health-benefit packages have long been part of the hiring process. Potential employees consider the benefits packages offered by their potential organizations, and organizations strive to find packages that are competitive to attract the best hires. For the most part, these packages focused on options to support employees’
[ad_1] The North Dakota Information Technology Department building is located at 4201 Normandy Street in northwest Bismarck. TOM STROMME, TRIBUNE By JAMES MacPHERSON Associated Press A state official told a North Dakota legislative committee on Tuesday that the state’s largest and most expensive leased office space is now mostly utilized, after it sat nearly vacant
[ad_1] Decision-making that overrides one’s personal views and self-interests, also known as bias suppression, is often touted as an essential institutional objective. Accountability is a common strategy for discouraging stubborn biases. However, even within the most well-intentioned organizations, efforts to counteract biases tend to wane over time. New research from the University of Notre Dame