New book reveals skills needed to navigate future hybrid workplace


A new book by author Salman Raza reveals the skills workers will need to navigate their workspaces as they reutrn to face-to-face collaboration after months of disruption.

In his new book, Life’s Non-Conformities, Raza shares the skills needed to ensure a harmonious and happy workplace. An emotional intelligence expert, certified international auditor and consultant, he offers simple, practical advice on developing positive attitudes.

Raza explains that armed with sensitivity, emotional intelligence, listening skills, and effective communication, employees can effectively navigate the most challenging workplace relationship, be that an uncooperative colleague, a manager who keeps moving the goalposts, or a negative team member.

Life’s Non-Conformities offers a toolkit for readers to navigate conflicts and confrontation, advising readers how to respond effectively, avoiding negative reactions such as being defensive, attacking, or sulking. Sharing insights around personality types, the ego, ego triggers, emotional intelligence, actuality and reality, the book provides an inquisitive guide on the best questions to ask, the quintessential way to charm and disarm the people you interact with.

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