How to spark creativity in the workplace


For an organisation, company or an enterprise to thrive, creativity has to be critical in all its areas.

In fact, it’s believed that creativity is the centre of all innovations and problem solving of an organisation, making it an essential trait in an organisation’s team.


Different studies have established that the most rewarding impact of creativity is being able to unlock more meaningful results.


Also, it’s said that when one keeps on working the way they always have, there’s no way to take risks and find new ways to execute tasks, which eliminates the possibility of creativity in the workplace.


Ornella Bisamaza, founder of Eat Green Trading and Delivery Co, a bridge between local farmers and its customers, says at her enterprise, she always strives at welcoming creativity into the workspace.

She notes that how she goes about this, is through asking for other people’s opinion on different tasks such as; how do they make a certain vision come to life, how they can grow from where they are, how they can improve as well as what she would do in her position as a team leader, and most importantly, how they would solve a challenge.

“These are some of the questions that can welcome creativity. People want and like to feel that their voice matters,” she says.

Bisamaza also believes that there is need to give room for decision making. Here, she notes that giving employees/co-workers the power to make decisions is essential.

This, she believes builds self-confidence and endorses creativity. Also one will find that different minds can handle the same situation differently.

The entrepreneur says she always shares/ communicates her vision and goals of the company with her team.

In return, she says asking the team to give you feedback (question, comments, concerns) is important.

Enock Habimana, a motivational speaker in Rubavu District working with young people says he believes in being supportive all the time.

He notes that it’s certain that most workers already have some great ideas that could help the company move from one level to another and that for this reason, it’s vital to support them when it comes to the expression of those ideas so that they feel the need to come forward all the time.

He goes on to note that this should be applied in all organisations regardless of if every idea will become a game-changer or not.

“Listening to other people’s thoughts and perspective, and providing positive feedback, can make them comfortable enough to express their creative ideas.

“Showcasing your appreciation for their contribution, even if you don’t intend to pursue it, makes the culture more welcoming to innovative thinking,” he adds.

Besides, Prince Aime Murara, the deputy secretary-general, Education for Nations and Humanitarian Africa (ENHA)-Girubuntu is of the view that listening to different ideas may improve initiative as well as encourage the spirit of openness.

In addition to this, he says it’s important to show appreciation for each employee’s work, which he believes motivates them to stay on top and always share new ideas whenever they have them.

Bisamaza says checking on employees is also crucial especially when it comes to asking how things are going on their side.

“Most importantly, finding out what could be done to facilitate their job or even improve their performance is the best way to improve creativity at the workplace,” she says.


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