ECMC Education Welcomes Mike Rowe and Education and Workforce Experts to Discuss


MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With millions of workers displaced due to the pandemic and a persistent mismatch of skills between employees and their prospective employers – particularly in the skilled trades – leaders across a variety of sectors are looking to enhance their training models with a greater focus on quality, efficiency and equitable outcomes.

On Wednesday October 13, ECMC Education, a nonprofit provider of educational solutions, will host a virtual panel discussion featuring voices from workforce development, business and education who will discuss the evolving marketplace, the need for innovation in training delivery, the role of technology and more. 

“The ever-widening skills gap coupled with the current economic environment requires that employers, policymakers and educators consider news ways of upskilling and reskilling their workforce,” said Jeremy Wheaton, president and CEO of ECMC Group, parent company of ECMC Education. “Together we have an opportunity to provide quality education and training delivery models that put people into jobs and allow them to advance at a quicker, more effective pace.”

The virtual event will include a fireside chat between Wheaton and Mike Rowe – creator and host of Dirty Jobs and skilled trades advocate.

“The skills gap is real and getting wider every year,” said Rowe, who also is founder of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. “Our country faces a growing shortage of skilled tradespeople, and my foundation is committed to helping more people get the necessary training they need to fill these in-demand jobs.”

The event will also include a panel discussion with Rowe and:

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