Duke Energy helps communities across North Carolina prepare sites to bring local


  • Site Readiness Program has triggered 6,500 new jobs, nearly $7.5 billion in capital investment in North Carolina since 2005.

  • Each site eligible for $10,000 in matching grants from Duke Energy to help recruitment efforts.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Duke Energy has selected nine properties in eight counties across North Carolina for inclusion in its 2021 Site Readiness Program to enhance the readiness of the sites for business and industrial development. The properties are:

  • Catawba County – Hunsucker Crossing
  • Durham County – Eno Venture Park
  • Guilford County – Brittway II Industrial Site
  • Harnett County – Byrd Site
  • Henderson County – Hudgens Site
  • Jones-Craven County – Weyerhaeuser Property
  • Randolph County – Wall Brothers Property
  • Rowan County – Mid-South Industrial Park Building
  • Rowan County – NC Finishing Site

Through the Site Readiness Program, Duke Energy identifies high-potential sites and partners with county officials and local economic development professionals to develop a strategy for getting the sites fully ready to market to industrial projects. In North Carolina alone, Duke Energy has helped prepare 136 properties that have won 35 major projects since the program started in 2005, drawing more than 6,500 new jobs and nearly $7.5 billion in capital investment to the state.

“Despite the challenging environment through the pandemic, Duke Energy remained fully committed to economic development and our Site Readiness Program,” said Stu Heishman, Duke Energy’s vice president of economic development and business recruitment. “We are seeing a significant increase in project activity across the Carolinas, and demand for qualified industrial sites has never been stronger. Our team will continue to work with local and regional partners to aggressively advance the readiness of our prime industrial sites.”  

North Carolina has been adding jobs at a remarkable clip in 2021. Hardly a week goes by without the N.C. Department of Commerce heralding one or more new arrivals to the state, with Duke Energy playing a supporting role in many of the economic development wins.

Inside each site

Duke Energy worked with major site selection firms to evaluate the sites, including Global Location Strategies, Site Selection Group and Strategic Development Group. Based on consultant recommendations, Duke Energy will collaborate with county leaders and local economic development professionals to develop an improved strategy for marketing these sites. Additionally, each site is eligible to apply for a $10,000 matching grant from Duke Energy to help prepare it to attract projects.

After each site’s state of readiness has advanced, Duke Energy’s business recruitment team strategically markets each of them nationwide to companies looking to expand or relocate their operations.

Catawba County – Hunsucker Crossing

The 314-acre Hunsucker Crossing property is strategically located in “Charlotte’s Great Northwest,” fronting I-40 between the I-77, I-85 and U.S. 321 corridors. Respected for its manufacturing excellence, Catawba County is seeing rapidly increasing residential growth from Charlotte and provides easy access in one hour or less to the entertainment and sports scenes of the Queen City and the wealth of recreational opportunities available in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hunsucker Crossing is supported by unique workforce training programs and world-renowned manufacturing support organizations. Combining a strong site location with robust workforce assets, proven manufacturing expertise and burgeoning residential growth, Hunsucker Crossing is well-positioned to house the next generation of advanced manufacturers and continue the rich manufacturing heritage of the area.

“As we’ve often said, a successful car lot has many different choices for the prospective buyer – and the Hunsucker Crossing sites could fill that mix of larger footprint opportunities the I-40 corridor is lacking to serve Charlotte’s Great Northwest region at this Conover site.” – Scott Millar, president, Catawba County Economic Development Corporation

Durham County – Eno Venture Park

The 160-acre Eno Venture Park in Durham is a tremendous site well-suited to life science and advanced manufacturing. Located in the heart of the Research Triangle region, the site has the necessary infrastructure to serve most industrial customers.

“The Research Triangle region is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country, and planning for the future is a top priority for us in Durham County. The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce appreciates our partnership with Duke Energy as we work together to develop next-generation industrial sites that can provide more quality job opportunities to our community. We are thankful for the services made available to us through the Site Readiness Program, and we look forward to working with Duke Energy to market Durham County’s industrial development opportunities to the global business community.” – Ryan Regan, vice president of economic development, Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce

Guilford County – Brittway II Industrial Site

About 10 minutes south of downtown Greensboro, this site is strategically located on the north side of I-85/I-40 at the south Elm Eugene interchange and has more than a half-mile of interstate frontage with rail on-site. The 115-acre site offers a remarkable industrial opportunity in the most attractive city in the Triad. Significant electrical power, natural gas, rail service and water are just a few of this property’s premier assets. This site sits in a manufacturing labor pool ranked in the top 10 in the Southeast and second in North Carolina, with a labor shed of over 831,000 and connectivity from more than six major interstates serving the community.

“Economic development in the Southeast is intense, but it becomes an arms race when you add in the entire U.S. Without a shovel-ready site, communities are often left out of the competition before it even starts. That’s why having a partner like Duke Energy is so vital. Through the Duke Energy Site Readiness Program, communities can leverage the chance to have a site fully vetted and ready to go for the next opportunity. We are honored to have been selected to participate and thankful to have a trusted ally like Duke Energy.” – Marvin Price, executive vice president of economic development, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce

Harnett County – Byrd Site

The 257-acre Byrd Site in Lillington is strategically located in the Research Triangle region with easy access to Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville. The site is a 20-minute drive to I-95 and 30 minutes to I-40 via four-lane U.S. 401, or 20 minutes to I-295, which accesses I-95 to the south. The site is served by Norfolk Southern Railway. Electricity provided by Duke Energy and gas provided by Piedmont Natural Gas are available at the site and capable of accommodating large and small manufacturing operations.

“The Town of Lillington is very appreciative for being given the opportunity to participate in the Duke Energy Site Readiness Program. The significance of the town’s participation in this program has been immense in addition to being extremely helpful in our efforts to expand our inventory of available industrial properties.” – Joseph Jeffries, town manager, Town of Lillington

Henderson County – Hudgens Site

The 107-acre Hudgens site, located 10 minutes outside the City of Hendersonville in Henderson County, offers unique development opportunities in western North Carolina. “The Field” consists of 62 remarkably flat acres, while “The Pines” is 45 acres with a gentle slope. Both are less than a mile from the I-26 Upward Road exit. I-40 and I-85 are within a 35-minute drive, positioning the property within a day’s drive-time from all major markets along the Eastern Seaboard. The property is served by robust, industrial-quality utilities. Henderson County is the employment destination of western North Carolina, with a rich legacy of manufacturing supported by a regional 11-county labor shed, innovative workforce development partnerships and an unparalleled quality of life in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“The Duke Energy Site Readiness Program allowed us to view property from the client’s point of view. The attention to detail of the team…


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