BiasSync Releases a New 8 Touchstone Proprietary Equity Survey to Help Federal Government


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BiasSync releases a new, proprietary survey to measure the full breadth of federal agencies and organizations’ opportunities, promotion, and other key workplace considerations. With newfound insight, companies can better determine how and where to rectify inequities.

BiasSync's Equity SurveyBiasSync's Equity Survey

BiasSync’s Equity Survey

The survey’s unique 8-touchstone, evidence-based framework analyzes equity throughout an organization’s life cycle—from recruitment to retention incorporating aspects of identity equity (including disability, LGBTQIA+, race, and other underrepresented communities). The equity survey also allows government agencies and companies to add supplementary areas using customizable options. Further, the survey not only addresses the location of workplace inequity but also diagnoses the type of inequity. BiasSync’s Equity Barriers are research-backed diagnostics that empower organizations to understand the root causes of inequity in the organization and are accompanied by action-oriented recommendations.

“Many—if not most— federal agencies and companies look at equity through the lens of compensation and compensation alone,” said Michele Ruiz, BiasSync’s CEO and co-founder. “Instead, our proprietary tool is a data-driven way to discover how inequity manifests within an organization.”

“A good deal of companies don’t distinguish their inclusion metrics from their equity metrics. While both are important, conflating the two can lead to ineffective and disorganized DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility] approaches,” said Crystal Miller, Ph.D., BiasSync’s chief learning officer and organizational strategist. “Inclusion is the state of belonging and acceptance employees experience in your organization; whereas equity is related to the policies, practices, and structure that provide opportunity and access while adjusting for disparities. Discovering your true equity quotient helps pinpoint the demographic data comprising the needs of different people across a wide spectrum that includes nationality, race, gender, ethnicity, and a host of other factors. BiasSync is unique in that we can provide targeted insights and recommendations on where inequity exists and what is causing it.”

Alongside the BiasSync unconscious bias training, assessments, data and analytics tool, the newest survey will offer organizational leaders a clear picture of the state of their workplace’s DEIA efforts.

About BiasSync

Los Angeles-based BiasSync is a software-as-a-service company providing a science-based solution designed to help organizations more effectively assess, measure and manage unconscious bias in the work environment. Its purpose is to create a more fair and respectful workplace.

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